Nynke Veldhoen | 13 mars 2015 | 1 commentaire

I have a message to all companies ! If you haven’t invested yet in a mobile site, please do ! !

I still don’t understand with all development on mobile and tablets that companies are staying behind with mobile sites. We can download all kind of application, but still in 2015 I run into bad mobile sites.

For example ; last week I was searching information on Google, like a lot of people do, and I found the site that I was looking for but I couldn’t read the information because the screen was blocking when you where trying to open the information, next to that I saw half of the information and I couldn’t make it bigger of shove the screen. And no, it’s wasn’t my phone…I have a perfect working Iphone 5, so is not the problem.

In a study of Sitecore they say that consumers are far less likely to engage with a brand that doesn’t offer the same easy to use and intuitive experiences on a mobile or tablet as they do on a desktop. With the explosion in the penetration of smartphones on the European market, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are moving away from the consumption of content on traditional devices.

Also on recruitment we see more and more focus on mobile. On one of the most popular job board site in the Netherlands we see that 30 % of there traffic is generated from mobile phones and two years ago it was only 15 %, so it had been doubled ! (study CBS).

It’s no news that people are consulting and searching on there mobile to information about almost everything. In 2012, a google research, already said that 72 % of the consumers said that they want mobile-friendly sites and that if a site works well on a mobile phone there are more likely to return to that site in the future. So mobile sites are important ! They generate traffic, engagement and often a first impression !

So now it’s 2015 and I ask the question to myself : Why don’t all websites have also a mobile version ?

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  1. labbe Thomas
    13 mars 2015 à 15h30

    You are so right!
    Almost every web research starts on mobile and if it is relevant, people continue on desktop!
    That is the it goes in 2015!

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